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Cad Northwest Custom Home Design
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About Us

Cad Northwest is a computer aided drafting company specializing in "Custom Home Design" which includes garage plans, carport plans, workshop plans, shed plans, home design, cabin plans and remodel design. We supply home owners, builders and contractors with design packages that allow building permits, accurate construction bids and efficient construction of residential projects.

Cad Northwest creates custom designed home plans, remodel plans, and has a continually growing collection of stock plans. We are able to show the customer preliminary drawings, 3D drawings of the interior and exterior, simulate a walk-thru of the home as though it were finished, and provide construction drawings that guide the building process.

Cad Northwest uses modern computer graphic software and up to date lightning fast computer equipment to create house plans. This offers cost and time savings while providing the best quality drafting possible. We are able to accept input in any form from a pencil sketch on a paper napkin to computer files from various applications. We design for National Codes and local codes.

Cad Northwest is a family owned business that has been helping home owners and builders since 1989. The designers at Cad Northwest have a combined total of 35 years experience designing residential buildings. We are located near Portland Oregon but sell plans all over the US and Canada.

We provide plans for home owners, builders and contractors. Many of our customers require a custom plan because they have searched for stock plans that meet their needs but have not been successful. They may find a suitable plan from out of state but it does not meet our local codes or they have found three plans that have good points and bad points and they want to consolidate the good points. Remodel plans are always custom designed.

Professional plans are required in most locations in order to build a new house or remodel an existing house. Plans are a way to document the owners ideas so that every one will understand what the house will be like when finished. It is much better to make changes to the plan than have to change the structure after construction has started. Most areas require a building permit which requires a professional inspection of the plans to check for local and National code compliance. When evaluating contractors it is an advantage to show each one the same construction drawings to get the most competitive accurate cost estimates. The contractor needs construction drawings to perform the work.

The normal design process takes about three weeks for a 2500 square foot house. Modifications can be accomplished very quickly because of the computer tools that we use. Many of our customers have obtained building permits in the minimum time required by the local planning department.

Choose from four of the most common roof styles. The size determines whether you will need a one or two car. A few days after your purchase we email a preliminary design for you to make adjustments. Once approved we will make lumber calculations, create a materials list and mail paper plans.

Our Blueprints are designed to be submited to your local building department. They may also be used to get quotes from contractors and are used for pricing and purchasing materials. All our plans include both a framed roof and a truss roof. Both options are included in the materials list. Each carport has two of the most common footing types to choose from. We provide elevations, footing details and an optional concrete floor. A framing plan, bracing details, a cross section and references to national codes are all part of the standard package.

Cad Northwest is located in Sherwood, Oregon a small suburb of the Portland Vancouver area. We have provided plans for hundreds of customers in this area and thousands around the country.